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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Feinetux: a personal retrospective on a fucked company

Huge has again delivered the goods for us. In the long posting that follows I reproduce an e-mail exchange that he's had with a recently departed employee of the house of cards. It read like a retrospective on a truly fucked company, enjoy...

Hmm, where do I start

Working with Mike and Jeff, was a refreshing change from previous employers that I had, they had vision, and would take risks on the buisness side, that allowed the company to grow, and they rewarded hard work.

Enter Steve Katz, a devious, greedy, back stabbing dick, as soon as he started with Finetix, the politics within the company became a mine field, who knew nothing about running a compnay, he is a lawyer/CPA, and not a good one at that, the rumour is that he would never had made partner in his previous employment, he is a slob, rude, sleeps in meetings, and just overall a low class ass, that got lucky when he married a top class lawyer, that has no right to be running a company like finetix, he makes more enimies than friends, believes the whole world should revolve around him and no one else. I have heard that on many occasions he has physically threatened his partners in meetings when they have disagreed with him, he has thrown things at people, over turned desks, tried to use his physical size to intimidate people, this is all when he does not get his way, and when any one challenges his view. My understanding is that there where many projects that the company failed to get because of the fact that the prospective clients did not want anything to do with SK, now that's the sign of a good busness guy.

What to say about DC, he does not stand up to SK, the hotel is a serious distraction, which means that he does not really care about the F company, he needs as much money as he can get to get the hotel going, and really does not care how he gets it, even if it means screwing people over around him. He is supposed to tbe the head of Biz Development, thats a fucking joke, he has no clue and needed to bring someone else in to do that job. Never developed a business plan, and tried to run London on hear say and just dumb luck, he gets little to no respect from those that know him, he also does not like to be challenged, because that exposes his lack of thought behind much of what he does, as a partner of a company.

Hmm DLG, not much to say about this guy, other than he seemed to be always at client site, and that SK and DC where always very eager to keep him away from the office, I read into that, the fact that neither wanted him around to question what was going on, but then again who knows, he did not seem a very visible partner.

When I was there, none of partners seems to have any respect or trust for each other, no sence of togetherness, no sence of direction and no sence of company spirit

One question that really needs to be asked in an open forum is;

Do the employees have any confidence in where SK and DC are taking the firm, and what's in it for the employees? what have they promised over the years, and have they ever come thru on a consistant basis for the employees? Where's the ongoing training for the employee's?

As without the employee's they have no company, because bottom line is that neither DC or SK are worth the salaries they are paying themselves (700k +), and do not have the ability to earn even a fraction of that in the open market.

My views from the many years that I worked there. I have been lied to by both DC and SK I know this for a fact and SK has misrepresented me on more than one occasion with other members of staff. He loves to have one on one meetings with people, with no DC or DLG involved, so that he can manipulate people into his view of the world, I think his ultimate goal was to take the company from DC and DLG, he already achieved that with Jeff and Mike. DLG left to the shock of both SK and DC, but to be honest I think that just heloped out SK to beat up on DC and ultimatly get DC out of the picture so that he could have the company to himself.

Enjoy, and do your thing.

No further comment required from me. Your comments/opinions are. as always, appreciated.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry christmas

Seasons greetings to you all. My man "huge" promises some very jucy insider news, so we should all have something to look forward too....